Toddler Blanket

I wanted to give you an update on the Blankets for Haiti that I'm making. I finished my first blanket a couple of days ago. It's a toddler sized blanket. In the photo it's folded in half and so really it is double in size. I chose a Bernat Softee Baby yarn in a Soft Lilac color and I gave it a cute border in the same brand yarn but in a contrasting Antique White color. This blanket is super soft.

I felt so blessed to make this blanket. Every time I thought about how soft the yarn was I was just so excited for the child who is going to get it. To think of the things we take for granted like a blanket. We have so many choices too. I know I probably have at least 5 throws in my house and I have a couple blankets that I'm crocheting in progress. Then to think of how many times I've changed my comforter in my bedroom, because it's just that easy to go down to Target and pick out a new one. Most of these children that are going to receive these blankets it will be the first blanket they have ever had in their lives.

I want to thank the people that have donated money so far. The children will be so blessed by you, and our family really appreciates it. Last night my mother in-law notified us that they got their official dates for Haiti. They will be leaving May 2nd. Its two months later than they had anticipated but that is because of many things like the armed security they have to hire, chartered planes, and other odds and ends. So far there are 18 people in the group going with her and my father in-law. A church has offered to pay for a shipping container which costs $800 as long as they can get enough donations to fill it. They are collecting shoes and clothing for children and adults, medicals supplies like children's cough syrup, tylenol, diapers, formula, bottles, etc. They will be taking all of these things to the orphanage. Now the orphanage I previously listed in my other posting is not the one they'll be going to. There were some security difficulties so they will be going to an orphanage in Jacmel, Haiti. It is outside of Port-au-Prince.

I am still in need of donations. I am happy to have 2 extra months to make blankets. Also, I said it before in my previous posting if you would like to get involved an make a blanket or two or more please email me at The blankets would need to be recieved by the 1st of April to ensure they make it onto this trip. I will post photos of my in-laws trip when they get back of the blankets with the kids so that you all can see the great thing you did in giving them warmth and comfort!


Jessica said...

Hi Nic-e,

I'm so glad you received your package and that you like the earrings! I've tried e-mailing you a couple times but apparently you haven't received them - I'm sorry about that. we've received your e-mails fine but maybe ours are getting sent to your trash somehow? Anyways, just wanted to let you know that you're welcome to participate in the rest of the drawings this month. We've checked out your blog and your etsy shop - you make beautiful things! Good luck with your business!

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stringsofme said...

Hi Jessica~ Thats so strange I'm not getting your emails. Well thanks again and I will for sure participate in the other giveaways!!!