One down, One and a Half to go

Well late lastnight I completed the second purse. I chose to use a large N crochet hook and did a simple clean single crochet stitch pattern across. For a little contrast and function I made a cell phone pocket in black. I kept it with the same single crochet stitch pattern but just used a smaller crochet hook. For the handle I did something a little different. Instead of making it just purple or just black I decided to hold the two pieces of yarn together and then I did a simple chain. I like this purse for its simplicity and clean lines, and then of course I sewed in the purple filigree type fabric for the lining. I'm happy that a full purse is completely done. Unfortunately, I don't think I will have all 3 purses done for tomorrow's deadline...sorry Kid.

On the movie list today is Home Alone 2: Lost in New York. We own the first Home Alone but not the second. I was bummed when I looked on Netflix because it said 'long wait'. So to my surprise ABC Family aired it this morning and I recorded it. Needless to say I am oh-so-happy!


Sleepless Stitch said...

The purses look great! And I want to see a photo of the hat when you get the time!
Glad the comments are fixed =)