Purse Update

I took pictures today...yay! So you can see what the purse looks like so far. The oh-so-cute cherry fabric that my sister picked out is what the purse will be lined with on the inside.

I am off to a very late start today but that's ok. Lastnight my adorable lil sis informed me that she would like her 3 purses completed by Sunday. This is when she invited her 3 friends over and wants to give them their Christmas present at that time. I immediately felt a panic. Of course I told her I would do the best I can and I honestly meant that.

Well lastnight because I had a very bad IC flare I wasn't able to fall asleep until 5am. Hence my late start today. I'm trying not to feel the pressure. Lastnight I did complete the body of the red purse. Today all I need to do is sew the inside of the fabric in and make the handle. I'm thinking of doing something a little different like a braided handle for this purse. I don't know how this will turn out. Conceptually in my head it looks neat but I'll have to play around with it to find out.

And my Christmas movie of choice today will be White Christmas.