Purse #2

Well I couldn't help myself I started working on another purse today before finishing the red one...lol. Knowing that the red purse only needs the handle to be constructed and the cherry fabric lining to be sewn in I couldn't resist. That won't take me very long and I wanted to get started on the next one. I know Sunday is creeping up fast so I wanted to get a move on. So purse number 2 is the purple purse. In fact this purple purse is almost done. I took a break to post this and when I'm done I'll be completing the handle on it. So all this purse needs is the fabric lining to be sewn on and it is...complete! That leaves me with only one more purse to go. Today I have been unable to move other than to get up to go to the bathroom so there is no pictures, but I will for sure post a bunch tomorrow. Tomorrow's pictures should have a fully complete purple purse and *crossing fingers* fully complete red purse.

No Christmas movie today. Today began the first day of my husband's two week vacation. We are so thrilled. Anyways, we needed to knock-out what came in the mail from Netflix this week. So far we've watch G-force and in a minute we'll be watching either Taking Woodstock or Land of the Lost.

Well I need to get back to work and I promise tomorrow there will be photos!