Purses anyone?

Well purses is what I'm making. My sister asked me to make 3 purses for 3 of her friends. Of course I couldn't say no to this. I sent her to Jo-Ann's to pick out yarn colors and 1/4 yard of fabric for each purse. She did such a good job. So today I will be working on a red purse with a cherry fabric inside...too cute! Several months ago I had made a tote out of a giant granny square pattern. My sister liked this and asked if I would make one of the purses out of this. I started to do this lastnight but quickly realized that you would be able to see the fabric from the inside. Ok so now what? After about 30 minutes of thinking and browsing the web to find a different purse pattern I thought of a better idea. I thought why not do a solid granny square? That way my sister still gets what she wants and no one can see the fabric inside. So that is what I am off to do today. Sorry I haven't posted any pictures. I have been so busy. I did finish the slouchy hat the other day, and I will post pictures in a few days. It came out so cute I can't wait to make myself one! I find myself saying that A LOT! lol

Until next time...