All Things Cherry

Well the last of the purses have been finished but I had forgotten to post the pics. This was the last purse I made and its also my favorite.

There's a funny story behind this purse as well. My sister fell in love with it, too. I made this purse and the other 2 for her three friends as Christmas presents. My sister when she saw the purse wanted it for herself. She didn't want to bring it to her friend the next day. lol So I told her I'd make her a similar one in black with a pink cherry!

I decided to add the cherry on the outside because I thought it added a little extra cuteness to it! I love the fabric that my sister chose. She did a good job. She chose all the materials and then I went from there. I was inspired by this purse the most. The pictures do not do this purse justice. And I was happy to hear that my sister's friend loved her purse as well.

This weekend I will be posting pictures of what I made my family for Christmas. Hope everyone is having a Happy Friday!


Seeking God Spot said...

Very cute Nic. Love this purse.

stringsofme said...

Thanks. I really like how it turned out, too!