I'm ready for my close-up...

Well I took the weekend off from blogging. My husband and I talked a lot about plans/goals for Strings of Me's Etsy shop. On Saturday morning I woke and came out to the living room where my adorable husband had transformed part of it into a photography studio. He had a white backdrop set up on the wall and sofa table, camera on the tripod, lights pointed everywhere. It was fantastic! He did test shots of some beanies I made for my Etsy shop and they looked amazing. Much better than what I was doing with my photos. Now my pictures will have that professional look to them.

I also bought a mannequin head at Sally's Beauty Supply store. I feel good about all the steps we are taking. They are all steps moving in the right direction. It is so nice to have my husband helping me out. He is also building my website right now and I cannot wait to announce when that will be finished.

I was going to launch my Etsy shop last Friday but we were working some things out and felt better about holding off for another week. To start I'll probably only have a handful of items listed but that's ok. The point is that the shop will be launched and I can keep adding items as I work on them.

So the goal for the week is to be productive and positive! Hope you can attribute some of that into your schedule this week as well!


Sleepless Stitch said...

I am really excited for you and glad you are able to get everything set up!! Can't wait to see everything! =)

stringsofme said...

Thanks! I've decided since everything happen with Haiti I should probably hold off on launching my store.