Welcome Twenty-Ten!

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year. I took a little break from blogging and enjoyed the last week of my husband's vacation with him. Sadly this vacation came to an end this morning when he went back to work, but at the same time I'm excited to get 2010 started.

Over the course of about a month I've felt so blessed with the encouragement I've been given to pursue my passion with crocheting. Don't get me wrong this encouragement has always been there by the people I love but the last month it has been overwhelming...in a good way! Not only by my family and friends I am getting positive feedback from the craft community and strangers in stores and such.

I've been inspired by this encouragement and my love for crochet and it has driven me to make 2010 as successful of a year as possible. When I say successful I don't just mean money although this is nice, too. I mean successful in setting goals for myself and attaining these goals. There are no 'New Years Resolutions' here just real life goals I want for myself.

So these are my goals for 2010 (and they aren't in any special order either):

1. To sell and become known in the Etsy world
2. Push myself to make harder patterns
3. Make a piece of clothing (I've never done this yet and CANNOT wait!)
4. Crochet something out of Vickie Howell's Pop Goes Crochet book (goes along with #3)
5. Learn how to knit - I want to teach myself so I can have both talents under my belt
6. Knit something out of Vickie Howell's Aware Knits book (goes along with #5)
7. I would love to learn how to spin my own yarn
8. Donate Chemo caps to Children's Hospital or similar type group
9. Continue to design my own patterns and make a pattern book to hold them in
10. Make sweaters for Star, Lucy, and Kona (my 3 boxers)
11. Use my sewing machine more

So those are my goals for the crafty side of me. On a personal note I would like to pick one person every week to pray for. I think this would be something different. I am going to go out to Target and buy a pretty journal especially for this. I think it would be nice to focus on one person for an entire week. On their hurts, needs, requests, etc. I have met many IC friends on Facebook and so many ask for prayer and I want to be able to give them that not just a quick one when I read their post or comment. And its not like I will only be praying for this one person but I think it would be nice to let someone know that I took an entire week thinking of them. I hope this helps me become a better person as well and to remember there are others too that hurt just as much as me.

Even though nothing is technically in my Etsy shop I have been working on orders here at the house. So any day now there will be items up for you to look at and even buy. I will post and let you know for sure where there are actual items and my Etsy shop is live!

I hope 2010 is an inspiring year for you. I know I am glad 2009 is gone. Now whether or not I can 'feel' 2010 is gonna be better I can't say but I know I can aspire to do good and push towards what I really want. I hope you do the same. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't. If you're in a funk...GET OUT and do what you LOVE!!!


Sleepless Stitch said...

I love it!! You will accomplish great things this year! <3

stringsofme said...

Thank you. I am inspired and that's what will be my driving force!